Empowering Patriotism: PPI Thailand Hosts Dynamic National Insight Talk Show

BANGKOK, THAILAND – On a vibrant Saturday, January 13, 2023, the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, in collaboration with the Department of Strategic Studies and Actions of the Indonesian Student Association in Thailand (PERMITHA), ignited a fervent dialogue during the National Insight Talk Show Volume 2. The event sparked with a mission to ignite a blazing sense of patriotism and national pride, especially among the Indonesian students flourishing in Thailand. Themed “Fueling National Defense Values of Indonesian Youth in Thailand amidst Global Challenges,” this session surged forward as a sequel to the electrifying National Insight Talk Show series held in August 2023.

Group photo session with speakers and participants of the National Insight Talk Show Vol. 2

Zoom screens flickered to life as the Indonesian Ambassador to Bangkok, H.E. Mr. Rachmat Budiman, unfurled the event’s sails with his opening address. He passionately underscored the significance of fortifying national consciousness among Indonesian scholars and the pivotal role they play in hoisting the nation’s flag high while navigating foreign shores, a true testament to their unwavering patriotism.

Greeting from the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Kingdom of Thailand & UN ESCAP, H.E. Mr. Rachmat Budiman

The stage lit up with dynamic presentations. Ryka Widyaningtyas, the first speaker, illuminated the realm of leadership in the millennial and Gen Z realms. With tales from her educational voyage in England, she painted a vivid canvas of leadership evolution, revealing how each step towards personal growth abroad was a love letter to the homeland.

Presentation by Ms. Ryka Widyaningtyas on leadership

Turning the spotlight on the same theme, Navy Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, Colonel Navy (T) Arie Cahyono Nugroho, plunged into the depths of the current nationalism crisis, offering pearls of wisdom on leadership dynamics. “Leadership transcends titles,” he proclaimed, igniting minds with the essence of true leadership: action coupled with vision.

Presentation by Navy Attaché Colonel Navy (T) Arie Cahyo Nugroho

Achmad Wicaksono, the Education and Cultural Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, then took center stage, his words resonating like the beat of a drum. He underscored the ripple effects of student contributions to Indonesia, both during their Thai odyssey and upon their return, echoing the symphony of progress and nation-building.

But the real magic unfolded during the workshop sessions. Participants dived into the fray, carving pathways of dialogue within breakout rooms. Here, ideas collided, sparks flew, and the essence of collaboration blossomed like wildflowers in spring. As the curtains drew to a close, certificates found their rightful owners, accolades showered the most fervent participants, and 54 eager souls departed, each carrying a piece of the fiery discourse that illuminated the halls of the National Insight Talk Show Volume 2.

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