Career Craft Forum: Preparing Indonesian Students for Professional Career Prospects in Thailand

First Day – Career Preparation, a group photo session with speakers and participants, attended by Mr. Ir. Ahmad Wicaksono, M. Eng., Ph.D., as the representative from the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok.

BANGKOK, THAILANDThe Career Craft Forum, initiated by the Advocacy Department and the Human Resources Development Department of Indonesian Students Association in Thailand (PERMITHA) serves as a knowledge-sharing program aimed at assisting Indonesian students pursuing higher education in Thailand to adequately prepare themselves for entering the professional world upon graduation. This program presents two main events: Career Preparation and Career Talk.

The objectives of this activity include aiding students or individuals in planning their career goals for the future, providing informative career preparation strategies, supporting students or individuals to become competent millennials capable of competing in the job market, inspiring students or individuals to explore and leverage career opportunities in Thailand, providing an understanding of cultural differences and work ethics in Thailand, as well as strategies for adapting to a different work environment, providing a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences between participants and speakers, to delve into challenges and opportunities in building a career in Thailand.

First Day – Career Preparation, speaker Dani Pramana Damanik was presenting the material.

This program itself is not only aimed at Indonesian students studying in Thailand and students who are part of the Indonesian Students Association in Thailand (PERMITHA) 2023/2024, but also open to the public. The event is held online via the Zoom Meeting platform. The First Day, Career Preparation, was held on Saturday, January 20, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Bangkok Time, while the Second Day, Career Talk, was held on Sunday, January 21, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Bangkok Time.

The first day covered two themes: “CV Crafting Mastery and Interview” and “Excellence Unveiling the Secrets of Successful Personal Branding,” with speakers Dani Pramana Damanik (Consultant of Global HCM Institute) and Mizar Agusta Diwangga (Technical Training & On-the-job-training in Nissan Motor Asia Pacific, NTCSEA Thailand). Meanwhile, on the Second Day, Career Talk addressed two themes: “How to Prepare for Life after Graduation” and “Beyond Borders: Career Journey in Thailand,” with speakers Zelfa Lola Maretha (Youth Mentor Associate, MarkPlus Institute) for the first session, and Sultan Arifin (Staff, DOCCM), Annirrahmah (Regional Online Volunteer Service Officer, United Nations Volunteers (UNV)), and Muhamad Lukman Ardiansyah (Client Service Executive, iNMS) for the second session moderated by Fachri Hamzah Pangestu, who serves as the Chair of the Advocacy Department of PERMITHA for the 2023/2024 term.

Second Day – Career Talk, speaker Zelfa Lola Maretha was presenting the material.

A total of 35 participants attended the event on the first day, while 30 participants attended the event on the second day. Participant satisfaction levels, based on evaluation forms from both days of the event, were quite high. To maintain program sustainability, a WhatsApp Group was created as a central information-sharing hub after the event. Participants and organizers remain in the same WhatsApp Group to continue providing information related to career opportunities in Thailand.

Second Day – Career Talk, speakers Sultan Arifin, Annirrahmah, and Muhamad Lukman Ardiansyah were conducting a talk show moderated by Fachri Hamzah Pangestu.

The Advocacy Department and Human Resources Department

Indonesian Students Association in Thailand
Term 2023/2024
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