Balancing Time, Mind, and Heart: Strategies for Indonesian Students in Facing the Challenges of Studying Abroad

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Webinar Mental Health Pt. 2 and Sharing Session Vol. 3 is an initiative by the Advocacy Department of the Indonesian Student Association in Thailand (PERMITHA), in collaboration with the psychological bureau Metamorfosis founded by Mrs. Masfuukhatur Rokhmah M.Psi., Psychologist. This program is a continuation of the previous Webinar Mental Health Pt 1 and Sharing Session Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. It serves as a mental health management program for Indonesian students pursuing higher education in Thailand, aiming to help them balance their time, mind, and hearts to cope with the challenges faced beyond academic life. The program features two main events: Webinar Mental Health Pt. 2 followed by Sharing Session Vol. 3.

The speaker, Mrs. Masfuukhatur Rokhmah, M.Psi., Psychologist, is presenting the material.

The objectives of this program include assisting Indonesian students in Thailand in effectively managing their thoughts, emotions, and time so that they can maintain a balance according to their individual needs. As we know, being an international student is not an easy task. Besides academic challenges, there are various other difficulties such as culture shock, time management, homesickness, financial issues, and, of course, mental resilience. These issues often arise in the lives of international students, and if not managed well, they can lead to more serious problems. Therefore, this program is presented as a form of PERMITHA’s concern for the mental well-being of Indonesian students in the Kingdom of Thailand. The hope is that this program serves as guidance for those facing difficulties and dealing with various challenges.

The speaker, Mrs. Masfuukhatur Rokhmah, M.Psi., Psychologist, and Moderator Winda Indarti are currently conducting a question-and-answer session.

The Mental Health Webinar and Sharing Session program is not only intended for Indonesian students studying in Thailand and the members of the Indonesian Student Association (PERMITHA) for the year 2023/2024 but is also open to anyone interested in participating. The webinar took place online via Zoom Meeting on Saturday, February 24, 2024, from 15:30 to 17:00 (Bangkok Time) and was moderated by Winda Indarti, a member of the Advokesma team. It was followed by Sharing Session Vol. 3 until 17:30 (Bangkok Time), involving approximately 30 participants.

Photo session with the speaker Mrs. Masfuukhatur Rokhmah, M.Psi., Psychologist, and all participants.

The presentation of the material was conducted by Mrs. Masfuukhatur Rokhmah M.Psi., Psychologist, an expert in mental health and the founder of the psychological bureau Metamorfosis. In the initial session, she explained various primary issues faced by international students and provided tips and tricks to overcome them. Midway through the program, there was a sharing/question-and-answer session to facilitate in-depth interaction between participants and the speaker. During the sharing session, lasting approximately half an hour, participants were given the opportunity to share their experiences, challenges, or simply offer advice to support one another.

The speaker, Mrs. Masfuukhatur Rokhmah, M.Psi., Psychologist, and participant Dini Adriani are conducting a question-and-answer session.

As the Chairperson of the Committee, Rita Pusvitasari, symbolically presented certificates to the speaker as a deep appreciation. She also expressed heartfelt thanks to all parties involved in the event, contributing to its smooth execution.”

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